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Dear Ones,

As I look around, I am reminded again and again, that this miracle would not have happened without you and the family. Indeed, I could have done it over 50 years or so; or, I could have hired an outsider – been ripped off and had someone who had no idea about what this is really all about. Instead, I have had the rare privilege of having the best quality
construction work and landscape and helpers who have made my dream a reality and this done by those who have become family in the best sense of the word. I can never put into words how I feel – but I hope that this does a bit of justice to what’s going on in my heart and in my head. Just look what we’ve accomplished!

All love,


This is a thank you letter, Lee, for my beautiful new rooms!! It’s like having a brand new house, and I love it.!!! I love being in them—the beautiful bathroom on the second floor with its wonderful walk-in tub, my second floor computer room with the washer and dryer alcove (no more carrying loads of laundry up and down from the basement—I couldn’t now anyway!) my beautiful den downstairs which is now cozy warm in the winter and cool, cool in the summer, and, yes, my gorgeous kitchen!! I can reach almost every shelf; no more rummaging in cabinets; oodles of both cabinet and counter space (oh those countertops!) and such beautiful lighting! It’s so functional I can almost stand in one place to cook.

Working with you was such fun—you have such a good sense of what is right for my house and what isn’t and you came to know my taste so well I finally could just let you go pick out handles or a light that we needed and trust that I would love what you brought back. And all those fine details you added—the large baseboards in every room that exactly match those throughout the rest of the house; the antique transom mechanism that you had brought back to its original patina—all that attention to detail gives the rooms such elegance! We both usually had the same vision of where we were going, and if not, one of us would wait for the other to catch up. I loved working this way, being a part of it all, and watching it become real!

So thanks again, and again, for it all!!!



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